​​50 Ward Hill Rd, Henrietta, NY

  • Give Me Jesus2:20
  • Now I Walk In Beauty1:42
  • December Child4:15

  • McLeod Trio11:54
  • McLeod Trio track 26:36
  • McLeod Trio track 36:35
  • McLeod Trio track 47:44
  • McLeod Trio track 56:05
  • McLeod Trio track 67:51
  • McLeod Trio track 77:52
  • McLeod Trio track 86:49

Concert Pictures

John Calvin Church is pleased to present a series of free "Concerts on the Hill" consisting of 3-4 concerts per year.  The theme of the concerts have ranged from Advent season sign-a-long, to a celebration of Martin Luther King with a Concert of Spirituals, to a jazz concert featuring the Jeff McLeod trio to the latest "Put a Little Love in Your Heart." concert.  

Check out some of the concert recordings below and stay tuned for our next concert.

Service and Concert Recordings

Concerts on the Hill

  • Lords Prayer2:26

  • O Be Joyful1:56
  • Gloria2:45
  • O Holy Night4:00
  • Joy to the World2:27
  • Peace / Silent Night3:52